Amharic Translation Services

English to Amharic Translation

There are around 22 million Amharic speakers around the world, and they are waiting to hear from you. To reach this audience you need high-quality and thorough English to Amharic translation with a keen attention to detail that is provided by language professionals who never cut corners. From when you first pick up the phone or open your laptop and call or email Rise Afrika, we are right there by your side as you seek to expand your business into fast-developing global markets on all continents. 

Rise Afrika has over 15 years of experience, with a roster of native and fluent linguistic talent working in over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs. We provide translators and interpreters for every sector, business niche, and industry, in all corners of the globe. When the time comes to broaden your horizons and seek help with business expansion, rest assured Rise Afrika will be your #1 growth partner.

Why Choose Our Amharic Translation Services

Rise Afrika’ dedication to the client is what elevates our organization to being one of the best in the business. From the moment prospective clients contact Rise Afrika with inquiries regarding Amharic to English translation services, or interpretation between nearly a thousand other distinct language pairs, our staff treats each customer as #1.

Our global mindset sets us apart, and we are well-aware that in 21st century economies, the magic of language to erase borders and accelerate business expansion is greater than ever. Whether you or your company is in the private or public sector, and if you need translation of deeds, titles, legal documents, or live, in-person interpretation, Rise Afrika has it covered, all at competitive rates and with promise that we can be your enterprise growth partners.

Amharic Translation Services For Professional Documents

We have been offering Amharic translation services to SMEs and Fortune 500 companies worldwide for fifteen years. We provide fast-delivery of document translation services for any documents you need, like legal, financial, and marketing purposes. Thousands of international businesses trust us to accurately express the Amharic culture and beliefs in any text within the language pair’s terminology. Here are some of the industries that we specialize in.


Our team of professional Amharic translators has been providing medical translation services for healthcare companies like Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic. Our translators are trained and accredited in translating the specialized terminologies of the medical field. Language barriers are a common problem in the medical field. Rise Afrika is working with international health professionals to bridge these barriers and provide better patient care. We translate a wide range of medical documents for patients, such as lab reports, patient records or history, clinical findings, etc.


With Rise Afrika, we have helped thousands of businesses with their business transactions, ensuring that their documents comply with their entering market. Our native Amharic translators have aided businesses through our business translation services, and we have facilitated Ethiopia’s exports and imports of products in the global market. We offer Amharic to English document translation and other 120+ languages with a 1-year guarantee on all our translation projects. At Rise Afrika, all our native translators and project managers are under NDAs, ensuring that the information in the translated documents is secured and remains confidential.

Amharic Translation for Certified Documents

Since 2004, the Amharic language has been one of the six non-English languages to be a part of the Language Access Act in Washington, DC, which has implemented the language accessible in public services. While in 2015, there were an estimated 43,000 native Amharic speakers in the US, and it’s continually increasing each year. 

Because of this, we have seen a rise in demand for certified translation services for immigration documents for USCIS and Visa applications for studying, working, and living in the US. Our team of certified translators has helped hundreds of Ethiopian clients with their Amharic to English document translation, ensuring that their requirements comply with USCIS and other governing bodies in the US.

Trivia About Amharic

Amharic is an Ethiopian Semitic language, coming from the Semitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family. Like many African countries, Ethiopia is swiftly opening its economic doors, and cutting-edge growth-focused companies are just beginning to discover the potential for doing business in this dynamic market.


With 32 million native speakers and 25 million second-language speakers of Amharic, this language is the most common spoken language in Ethiopia in terms of total speakers. Furthermore, Amharic is the second largest spoken Semitic language in the world, after Arabic.

Something Unique About The Amharic Language

Amharic has been the official language of Ethiopia since at least the 12th century. This fascinating language is commonly used in government, courts, trade, commerce, and military communications, which means now is a better time than ever to utilize translation support while exploring the endless possibilities of doing business in East Africa. 


One aspect of Amharic that can make it complicated for non-native speakers is its verb conjugation system. Different prefixes and suffixes can indicate gender and number of people when referring to the subject of the sentence.

The Tech World Has Been Catching Up With Amharic

Online enterprises and globally networked organizations have set their sights on Ethiopia for good reason. Google finally added Amharic to its language tools services in 2012, while Microsoft offered the Windows operating system in the language in 2010 and Wikipedia added an Amharic section even earlier. 

This indicates that Ethiopia has seen a swiftly increasing amount of outbound and inbound web traffic over the past decade, and companies with an eye on expansion into lucrative African markets have taken note. Now local and dynamic entrepreneurs and sole proprietors can reach beyond the borders of their native country, while European, Asian, or American companies can expand into Ethiopia.