French Translation Services

English To French Translation

French is natively spoken by about 80 million people around the world, and it is spoken by more than 1 million people in the United States. You might be missing out on a big chunk of potential customers if you’re not translating to French. 

French is the second most taught language in the world, used in 57 countries and territories, and an official language of 28 countries. Many English to French translations are circulated right here in the U.S, and most American products include a French version of all packaged or written content. Because of this, English to French translation is an extremely necessary multilingual and cross-cultural form of communication. 

Perhaps you need English to French translation for business documents or web content, medical transcriptionist, or product manuals and user guides. Whatever the reason, French translation service is essential for any large business to stay competitive, and to reach the most complete and optimized target audience. 

As part of our professional French translation services, we know that many companies in the US require translated documents in French for legal and financial transactions to take place. Our linguists research every legal and lawful procedure for your target country. We guarantee your documents will be accepted at any private or public institution universally. Our 24/7 customer service team is always here for you during your entire project.

French Document Translation for Professional Use

Rise Afrika prides itself on the variety of industries it has provided translation services. Because of this, we have bolstered our capabilities to provide document translation services in any professional field. Over the years, we have translated documents for law firms, healthcare institutions, banks among others. Here are some of the documents that we regularly translate:

Legal Documents

In spite of recent events, the French legal restructuring and insurance market has shown improvements and companies trading with France and other French-speaking states and territories require legal document translation of the highest caliber. In the world of legal transactions, the need for accuracy has never been so important. With our legal translation services we have translated vital certified court documents in multiple languages such as divorce documents, financial cases, and large government court rulings on every continent.

Financial Documents

France’s banking sector is one of the largest in western Europe. With the world becoming more globalized the need for transactions with French financial institutions is increasing. Hence, the demand for financial translation services from experts in the field of finance is also increasing. We can translate bank statements, reports, and even financial documents that are more complex like prospectuses for businesses looking to go public.

Medical Documents

The French medical device industry is the fifth largest in the world. Another large part of the healthcare industry in France is from exports. Because of this, there are a lot of medical documents in need of translation like medical device manuals. Our medical translation services are provided by native-speaking linguists who are experts in the medical field. We can also provide medical translations in more than 120 languages.

Technical Documents

France is home to dozens of international companies that deal with engineering and the sciences. Some of them are headquartered in France and some are satellite offices, nonetheless, the need for translations of technical documents is only increasing thanks to globalization. With our years of experience providing technical translations for different industries we have accumulated a wealth of glossaries filled with technical jargons and nomenclatures that allow us to provide technical translation services with utmost accuracy. Over the years, we have translated technical documents like SOPs, MSDSs and more.

Certified French Translation for Official Use

There are 170,000 French immigrants in the United States and more arrive each year. If you need your documents to be translated and certified for your USCIS application then you are in the right place. We provide certified translation services for immigration, university applications or any official use. 


France is also a common vacation destination among Americans, some of whom decide to stay long-term. Current estimates show that there are around 200,000 American citizens residing in France today. If you’re looking to visit, study abroad, or settle in France we also provide apostilles to ensure that your official documents are honored by signatories of the Hague Convention.

French Translation for Businesses and the Global Market

We’re proud to be fully engaged with almost every industry, helping businesses just like yours reach new global customers. We convey your meaning to the world, and we mean quality.

Your business is in good hands with Rise Afrika. With our end-to-end business translation services we can handle large volumes of translations in a diverse set of languages and industries. We provide a wide array of language services that corporations in the 21st century need, from translation to localization to interpretations for meetings and conferences. 

French luxury brands are among the best in the world if not the best. Rise Afrika has localized millions of words worth of marcom content throughout the years including advertising, marketing, branding, packaging, online and printed materials, PR and more.

Whenever we’re providing marketing translation services we understand the specific characteristics of marcom translation such as time sensitivity, transcreation and copywriting, DTP and print ready deliverables, adherence to company’s specific language and more. 

And because you deserve the best every time. Rise Afrika has three ISO certifications to ensure your translation projects are consistently great. We are ISO 17100:2015 certified, which mainly pertains to the overall quality of our translation services and ensures that your translators are bilingual experts, we also have an ISO 9001:2015 for our general quality management system, and last but not the least, we have  ISO 18587:2017 certification which ensures that whenever you’re opting to proceed with machine translation we can post edit the content to prepare it for professional use

More About The French Language

While many customers require English to French website translation services, there are so many other types of content that we translate. The French language is only second to English for its official status in other countries.

It’s the official language in 29 countries, and English is one of the official languages in 67 countries.

Trivia About French

As an example of how popular French translation services are, statistics show around 80 million speakers out of 300 million are native speakers. There are an estimated 220 million partial speakers, but this number is quickly rising.

The French / English Connection

Around 30% of modern English words are of French origin. In the period after the Norman Conquest, the French language became the language of aristocracy, which resulted in many French words and phrases being intertwined into English.

Over time, French remained a dominant language influencing modern English. Even today, English continues to borrow words from French and mix them with everyday dialogue. Examples include words like cul-de-sac and déjà vu.

French is a Romance language derived from Latin, with sway across the centuries from the Vikings, Celts, and the Romans.

Interestingly, it was announced that there would be significant changes in the French language. The French Academy voted to remove the use of the circumflex over both the “i” and “u,” and this changed the spelling of many words.

French Popularity

With almost 80 million native speakers and over 274 million speakers globally, French is one of the most popular languages in the world. French is the official language in 29 countries and is the sixth most popular language in the world.

The Organization International de la Francophonie (OIF) is an organization that promotes the international use of French. A French-speaking person is known as a francophone. The global use of French is partly due to Belgian and French colonialism that helped scatter the language around the world.

Around 40% of French speakers live in Europe, but there are also large populations of speakers in Canada, Africa, and many other countries.